008 Supergirl: Friends & Fugitives

I think this is my favorite era of Supergirl's solo book ever.  After a couple false starts trying to reintroduce Supergirl into the DC Universe after killing her off in Crisis On Infinite Earths, they finally got it right.  This version of Supergirl was introduced by Jeph Loeb in the Superman/Batman book and then spun out into this series.  The beginning of the series was okay, but nothing to write home about.  And then Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle got put on the book and things really took off.  It was finally interesting and fun to read.  It doesn't hurt that this particular book takes place during the New Krypton era of the Superman books.  The whole family of books, imho, was at it's peak.  I loved that whole era of Superman.

Supergirl: Friends & Fugitives
Writer: Sterling Gates, Greg Rucka
Artist: Jamal Igle
DC Comics

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