009 The Lone Ranger Vol 4: Resolve

I sang the praises of this series a few posts ago.  This is the fourth volume of the series (I know I skipped over volume three.  I read that a while ago.  I loved the first volume so much, I ordered the next two.  Volume 2 was out of stock, but I couldn't wait to read the third.  But now I'm back on track.)  This volume finishes out the first over-arching storyline and it was good.  I don't know that I've ever read a book that looks so much like I'd imagine a movie would look like.  The art is amazing.  The action is great.  The story itself it A+.  Never rushed.  The progression of the plot flows so well.  I can't wait to jump into the next volume soon.

The Lone Ranger Vol 4: Resolve
Writer: Brett Matthews
Artist: Sergio Cariello
Art Director: John Cassaday
Dynamite Comics

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