What Have I Done Today To Make Me Feel Proud?

Well, I worked my ass off at the gym tonight.  That's what I did.  I had no intention of going tonight.  I've settled into my Tue/Thurs/Sat/Sun routine nicely and plan on keeping it that way.  However, we have a one-two punch of winter weather coming and it's getting in the way of my schedule.  Tomorrow we're supposed to get anywhere from four to eight inches of snow followed by another foot to two feet depending on which station you believe on Wednesday.  With that weather coming, I could easily have blown off tonight, but I'd miss the next couple nights, too, and I didn't want to do that.  I've got myself almost completely over my gym phobia and I'm feeling really good about all the exercise I've been doing.  I don't exactly look forward to the exercise, but I do look forward to logging in what I've done in my exercise tracker.  It's almost the same thing, right?  Oh, and I really love the endorphin rush that hits me about half way home.  

As I mentioned in many previous posts, I'm working my way through a 1,200 mile goal for the year.  That means it's just 100 miles a month, which seems like a lot.  And to be honest, it kind of is.  But I've been dedicated to meeting my goal and this being the last day of the month, I can honestly announce to the world that I'm so fucking proud of what I've achieved.  Not only did I hit my goal for the month, but I'm more than half way to February's goal.  As of tonight, the last day of January, I'm at 164.14 miles.  This means that I can be a little easier on myself if I want to, though I know I won't allow myself to be.  My goal when I get to the gym is to pump out about 6 miles and I tell myself I'll be happy with that.  But knowing how I am, I push harder and harder to hit bigger numbers.  The last two nights I've hit the biggest numbers I've hit yet.  Last night was 8.75 miles and tonight was 9.59 miles.

I did a screen capture of my January workouts.  I really can't believe this is something that I did.  Me.  Big fat Walt.  I'm in the best shape of my entire life and I know I still have loads of room for improvement.  I can't wait to see how the rest of 2011 goes!

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