Since I've only just recently joined a gym, I've never had to deal with the New Year's Good Intentions people before.  Those are the people who resolve to get in shape for the new year, join a gym and crowd the place for six weeks before they totally give up.  Knowing the place would probably be busier than I'm used to, I timed my visit for later than I usually go.  This wasn't late enough.  The place was packed and all the machines were taken.  I did find one treadmill, which I hopped on until an elliptical came free.  This is going to be annoying for at least the next three or four weeks.  After that, my gym is moving to a larger (and closer to the house) location.  I'm sure it'll still be annoying for a little while because everyone has to go to see the new place.  I'm counting down the days until the place is back to normal again.

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