It's Sunday night as I sit here on the computer and contemplate going to bed.  I'm pretty tired.  Last week was a really long week for some reason.  It didn't help that when I got to work on Thursday, I went to sign in on my time card and got the shock of my life.  It wasn't Thursday.  It was only Wednesday.  I somehow got a day ahead of myself and that kind of set the rest of the week up to drag.  And did it ever.

This weekend Ken and I went to New Jersey to spend the weekend with his friend Jim.  That meant getting up at the crack of dawn on Saturday so that we could be on the road by 7am.  Saturday is the one day that I allow myself to sleep in as long as I want (or more specifically, as long as Ollie will let me.)  Before getting to Jim's house, we made our customary stop at IKEA and loaded up on unassembled furniture, drinking glasses and picture frames.  I got the final bookcase I think I need for my office.  Once it's assembled, it's going to look like a library in here.  But that can wait until I've got a little time.  It's a big bookcase and will take a little bit of time to assemble.

The weekend at Jim's was fun.  We did a bunch of shopping around (Ken wanted to check out a few places for patio furniture) and some eating.  I was going to try to behave myself, but our first stop was 5 Guys for burgers.  It's been a while and it was delicious as ever.  I like the burgers there, but not everyone does.  And that's fine.  For dinner we went to this Italian place.  I forget the name, but I want to say it's something like Bluestone.  Italian places are hard for me because I try to stay away from pasta and excess red sauce and there's always a lot of bread around to eat.  I looked at the salads on the menu but ended up getting the eggplant parm lasagne and it was completely worth it.  So good.  Not to mention all the freaking bread I ate.  Ken actually got the salad I was looking at and I'm so glad I didn't get it.  It didn't look all that good to me.

We hit the road after breakfast this morning, making a stop or two on the way home.  After the car was unloaded, I got changed and went to the gym to try to work off a little of the damage I did this weekend.  Dinner was ready when I got home and after doing the dishes, I had a bowl of ice cream.  I always regret when I have a moment of weakness in the supermarket and buy a tub of ice cream, but it was really good.  I stayed away from sweets all weekend, so I don't feel as bad about it.  Tomorrow the scale may call me horrible names, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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Just another southern gay guy said...

I splurged on a hand made chocolate milkshake today.

I've been splurging a lot lately, and not walking a lot lately. The two are a bad combination.

But for just the same reason as you mentioned, I try not to buy items in the grocery store that I know I won't have the will power to resist in moderation.