Kind of tired, kind of scattered.  That's me today.

Someone posted a link to this t-shirt on Facebook this morning and I had to have it.  I think it's hysterical.  It's only available for sale today, so if you see this on Monday and want it, get thee to teefury.com right now before your chance is gone.  Only $9!

So we apparently have another snow storm coming through late tonight or early tomorrow and I'm not sure whether to go in to work or not.  None of the three local channels that I checked can agree on what's going to happen.  One to three inches, two to four, three to seven, sleet, freezing rain, 1/2 to 1 inch of ice.  I'm going to play it by ear, but I'll probably go in in the morning and then see how it is.  It may be a short day.  Here's hoping!

The one thing I hate about these three day weekends is how on late Monday afternoon I realize that all the things I was planning on doing over the weekend still aren't even touched.  I had that realization earlier today, but got to work on most of it.  I feel much better about getting stuff done, but I just wish I did it all on Saturday so I'd have the rest of the weekend to lounge around and do nothing.  I hate that frantic feeling at the end of a long weekend.

The mapmyrun.com website that I use to log and track my exercise has a section where you can pick a goal for yourself and it will track your progress.  I said in an earlier blog post that I wanted to beat my travel record of last year by going 1,000 miles in 2011.  Unfortunately, 1,000 miles isn't one of the goals you can select, though 1,200 is, so I joined that challenge and I'm well on my way.  That's 100 miles a month, which isn't out of the question.  Today is the 17th and I'm already up to 80.34 miles.  As long as I can keep this pace up throughout the year, I'll hit my goal!  If you use the mapmyrun website or the iMapMyRide app for your phone, feel free to friend me.  My user name is Pusspatrell.

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