Thursday Night Post

I just got home from the gym.  I'm starting to get a regular schedule down and I'm happy with it.  Right now it seems like Tuesday and Thursday nights along with Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings is my pattern and it's working for me.  This way I'm not overdoing it like I've been known to do and it give me most of my nights free to do whatever it is I need or want to do.  Tuesday night I decided I wanted to do something a little less strenuous than the elliptical, so I grabbed a treadmill.  I haven't walked on one since I injured my feet back before Thanksgiving.  They've been feeling a lot better so I thought it was safe to go back to it.  Or not.  My feet still aren't feeling strong enough for all the walking.  By the end of my walk, they hurt.  Not nearly as bad as they did when I first injured them, but bad enough that I knew it was a mistake.  I didn't realize how much more of an impact the treadmill has on my feet than the elliptical does.  I really have to make that foot doctor appointment and I really should do it soon.

I'm well on my way to my 1,000 mile goal for 2011.  As of today, I've gone 56.93 miles.  I need to average about 2.75 miles a day this year and I'm well above that so far.

On a totally unrelated subject, I've noticed at work that I have great difficulty typing one particular name correctly.  It's Joseph.  For some reason, I cannot hit the keys on my keyboard in the correct order.  Even just now typing it, I had to backspace and correct my mistake.  I just find it odd that I misspell it way more often than I spell it correctly.

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Joe in Philly said...

How dare you misspell my name, Watler!