For Christmas I asked for a new external hard drive.  I already have one, but I wanted a second one because my iTunes library is taking up way too much space.  In fact, I only have a few gig of free space on my desktop hard drive.  The idea of getting a second external is to run iTunes off of that with the first external still serving as the back up of my library.  The other day I copied my library to the new drive (and then backed it up to the old one) and changed the settings in iTunes to read from the new library.  Or so I thought.  I was confident that this was working correctly that I deleted the library on the desktop.  And then everything in iTunes (with the exception of the cds I just uploaded) stopped working.  I panicked until I realized that I had to re-add the library and it should all work.  And it is.  Crisis averted.  But....

Remember how I was trying to make it through my entire library making sure everything in it had been played at least twice?  Remember how I just finished that project up a few weeks ago?  Yeah, well, when I reinstalled the library to iTunes, it reset all my play counts back to zero.  I feel like I just lost over a year's worth of work (even though I didn't).

I need a real hobby.

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