I ordered a new calendar for myself for 2011.  In 2009 I had the Vintage DC Comics calendar and I loved it.  Each month was a different classic vintage cover.  What was nice about the calendar is each page was perforated and you could easily remove each image to do something with once the calendar served it's purpose. I took mine and made a collage in a giant picture frame.  

Every other week when my comics order would come, I'd be disappointed to find no calendar.  No worries, I would think.  It's not 2011 yet.  Well, it's 2011 now and still no calendar.  I got my latest shipment today and when I saw no calendar again, I did a little online research.  I can find the calendar on a lot of websites, but on every site, it says the thing still isn't available.  I'm guessing orders were too low or something and they decided not to publish it this year.  I'm really sad because I was really looking forward to getting it.  

Maybe next year.

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Joe in Philly said...

Oh, dear lord -- is Superman checking out Robin's legs? It's bad enough Batman and Robin are lovers! I WILL NOT ACCEPT A GAY SUPERMAN! I FORBID IT!!!!!!!