Three posts in one day last weekend, nothing since.  Typical.

It was a weird week.  I still have a tiny bit of this plague lingering with me.  I can't seem to shake the last little bit of it.  For the most part, though, I'm back to feeling myself.  Which is fantastic, because I hate feeling less than 100%.  Like on Fridays.  I am always in such a vile mood by the time Friday comes around.  I'm exhausted, my tolerance for the people I work with is at the lowest point of the week and I just want to run away (or at least take a four hour nap.)  This past Friday kind of started out that way.  Word is that I was brought up in the management meeting on Thursday and some folks are not happy at how much I do around the office.  As in too much, not too little.  Most of my co-workers hope to fit an hour or two of work in during the course of a day, so doing nothing is something you can potentially be rewarded for.  I didn't get much of a chance to talk to the person who told me about this, but the gist is I'm doing too much for the people I support and it's throwing our production numbers off.  As in, we're too efficient.  I never in a million years would have thought that being too productive would be a bad thing.  Especially since management is constantly talking about improving production numbers.  Which says to me their entire job is to spit out buzz words and not mean a damn one of them.  So Friday I was pissy about that, I was pissy about co-workers, and then something happened.  For lack of a better phrase, the office crack whore was escorted out of the building by HR for allegedly being drunk again.  And allegedly putting unwelcome sexual advances on someone.  None of this is out of the ordinary, so I keep wondering why this time she was actually sent home instead of left there to cause a scene like every other time.  Hopefully I'll hear something on Monday.  But that turned my mood around.  I know nothing will happen to her, but it certainly broke up the monotony of a Friday.

Otherwise it's been a busy, but quiet week.  Most of the weekend has been filled with trips to Home Depot and Lowe's, which was getting old quick.  We'd go for one thing, and then make a return trip because Ken forgot the item he actually went in for, rinse and repeat.  Everything he bought at the last trip there this morning needs to be returned.  Of course.  Ken and Lowe's is not a fun combination.

And here's my shirt update.

February 3

This is a cool Batman shirt I just got recently.  It's not from one of the shirt of the day sites like many of my shirts are from, but it's from a similar type thing.  I subscribe to Nerd Block, which is a monthly mystery service.  I got a box of geeky stuff.  I've been getting the boxes for the last few months and I'm one more shipment away from deciding if I'm going to continue with it or not.  I get a shirt and a whole bunch of geeky and nerdy toys each month.  It's really hit or miss if I get good stuff.  Some of the stuff I don't want I've gathered up and will gift them to someone who will appreciate them. 

February 4

I picked this beauty up at Comic Con last October.  Red Tornado is bad ass, or at least he was back in the 70s.
                                                                 February 5

I'm so happy this picture came out.  Most of the time when I try to photograph it, it doesn't come out purple, but dark blue instead.  This is my Yvonne Craig Batgirl shirt.  I don't think I really need to say much more about it.  LOL.

February 6

Another Nerd Block shirt.  I don't really know much about Adventure Time, but I like the shirt and I like everything I've seen about the show (it is a show, right?).

 February 7

I must have subconsciously decided to make it a Nerd Block week.  This is another shirt from Nerd Block.  A Legend Of Zelda shirt.  I used to love that game way back in the day when I understood video games.  

February 8

Grendel.  Hunter Rose.  Matt Wagner.  So fucking cool.  I didn't discover Grendel until the twelve issue series featuring Christine Spar as Grendel, but I've been hooked since.  Dark Horse recently started reprinting Grendel from the beginning in their Omnibus format.  I've picked up the first four volumes so far, but they're still sitting on my backlog shelf.  I really can't wait to get a chance to sit down and relive this series from the beginning.

February 9

Today's shirt is another shirt of the day shirts.  Ocean's Eleven mash-up with Doctor Who.  I think it's a fucking amazing shirt.  It works so well.  They make a shit load of Doctor Who shirts, and although I have a lot of them, I pass on most.  But when something like this comes along, I just can't.

Looking at what I wore this past week, it looks like every shirt was a random grab out of the closet.  It's more fun that way.

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