Random Update

Still sick, but today I'm finally starting to feel better.  As of last night, I was planning on staying home from work today, but when the alarm went off, I didn't feel like death, so I showered, got dressed and re-evaluated.  I decided to go in.  I'm not upset I did.  I probably could have used another day to lay around doing nothing, but I feel more accomplished and better than I have in almost a week.  Still not good enough to get back to the gym, but I'm getting there.

This weekend I had my first set of social plans for the year.  Saturday night was supposed to be dinner with my friend Carol.  I haven't seen much of her lately.  But Ken called and cancelled because I was sick, which was the right thing to do.  Sunday we had plans to meet up with friends Kevin and Brian for brunch.  Those plans should have been cancelled, too, but I thought I'd be well enough to make the trip.  And I kind of was, but I crashed hard in the afternoon.  I'm glad I went, though I should have postponed.

I started watching the Grammys last night, buy only got about half way through before I went to bed.  Overall, I was greatly disappointed with what I saw.  The last few years there have been a handful of performances that blew me away.  I dvr'd the rest of the show and I'll watch the rest tonight.  I hope there's something to make it worth my while.  In the first half, about the only thing I liked was Pink, though I probably would have been more impressed if she didn't do the aerial acrobatics again.  It just felt played out since she did it last time, too.  People have been oozing over Beyonce and Jay-Z, but I was kind of put off by it.  I just don't get the whole Beyonce thing.

Catching up on my t-shirt thing, here are the latest offerings.

January 19
Day off

January 20

I think I mentioned the Black Lanterns in my previous post when the picture of my Green Lantern shirt looked less green and more black.  By coincidence, I grabbed this one randomly out of the closet.  Where the Green Lanterns are all about willpower, the Black Lanterns are all about death.  In fact, the Black Lanterns are all dead, re-animated corpses hellbent on killing.  Ahhhh, such happy people.

 January 21

A companion piece to yesterday's Black Lantern shirt, this is the Yellow Lantern shirt, or more specifically, the Sinestro Corps shirt.  Sinestro harnesses the color of fear.  This isn't the shirt I thought I was grabbing that morning, but I love it just the same.

 January 22
 A New York Comic Con find.  I'm sure it's probably been on one of the shirt of the day sites, but I didn't see this until I was at the convention this year.  Bender vs. the Supreme Dalek.  Robot on Robot action.  I love mash up shirts like this.

And as a bonus, I wore my Dalek socks that day!

January 23
Day off

 January 24

Yet another shirt of the day shirt.  Hello Kitty as a zombie.  What else can I say?

January 25
Day off

 January 26

This is my Zan (of Zan & Jayna aka The Wonder Twins) shirt.  The day I saw it solicited, I knew I had to have it.  I contemplated getting the Jayna shirt, too, but I figured this was enough.  Ken has mentioned me getting him the Jayna shirt, but then he'd want to wear them the same day and be all matchy matchy and I'm not about that.

January 27

I got this shirt at the New York Comic Convention in October.  My friend Jed actually bought it and when I saw it, I made him show me where he got it because I had to have it.  It's fucking awesome.  Cher as Che!

I think that's all I've got.  As crappy as I'm still feeling, I'm shocked at what a decent mood I managed to maintain today.  That's not like me at all.  Anyone who reads this blog (and why you do is anyone's guess) knows what a miserable fuck I am.  LOL.

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Chris Tower said...

These are great shirts, my friend. I hope you feel better soon. I just did the Green Lantern thing, as I believe you noted in a comment to me!! I covet the Wonder Twin shirt. All the shirts are cool and I own none of them. The Cher one makes me laugh. You rock, my friend.