I just spent that last few minutes looking over my 1986 playlist.  I know that after listening through the 1985 playlist and being pleasantly surprised by how good it was, I was really excited to get to 1986.  And while 1986 looks like it was pretty damn good for music, I really didn't buy much of anything that year.  I don't know where my head was, but it really wasn't on music.  Most of what's on that playlist I picked up well after 1986 was over.  There may be other releases, but after a quick review, it looks like the two albums I bought that year were Tina Turner's BREAK EVERY RULE and Basia's TIME AND TIDE.  But upon further study, I find that I have TIME AND TIDE in the wrong playlist, as Wikipedia states the album came out in 1987.  I need to fix that right now.  It seems to me like it was awfully early for that album.  I have definite late 80's memories of it.  1986 seems too early.

I have no idea what the hell else I was doing in 1986.  I know I was addicted to Dynasty, so maybe my head was stuck in the nighttime soaps.  I wasn't hanging out with the group of friends I was about to make yet, so most of 1986 was solo time.

What a suck ass blog entry.  I'm sorry, 1986, but you aren't inspiring to me at all.

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