Geek Chic Update

I'm very happy with myself that I've managed to keep up with the pictures so far.  I know it's less than two weeks into the New Year, but still.  My attention span seems to be at an all time low right now.  But here we go with batch two of my geeky shirts.

January 4

This is one of my Aquaman shirts.  I love that Aquaman has finally become "cool."  He's been the biggest joke in comics for the longest time.  It's one of the few success stories (for me, at least) to come out of DC Comics New 52 revamp.  Most of the rest of the line, not so much, but the Aquaman book is incredible.  Hopefully that will continue with Geoff Johns leaving and Jeff Parker coming in to write the book.
January 5

Batgirl.  My favorite super-heroine.  I was just about to jump in the shower and asked Ken to go in and pick out any shirt he wanted and to lay it face down on the bed.  This is the one he chose.  I don't know if he looked through the closet and found this or if it was a random grab, but he done good.

January 6

This one was a random grab.  It was Monday morning, I wasn't feeling it and I just walked into the closet and grabbed the first shirt I could.  This was it.  It's one of my absolute favorite shirts EVER.  It was the first shirt I bought when I finally reached my goal weight and knew I could fit back into human sized clothes again.  I bought this and a Supergirl shirt, which will be worn sooner or later.  It's an homage to the cover of the first appearance of Batgirl, recreated here by Brian Bolland. 

January 7

Almost all of my Doctor Who shirts are from the various shirt-of-the-day sites.  This is no exception.  It's a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots homage featuring a Cyberman and a Dalek, two of the Doctor's longest running enemies.  For some reason, I got a lot of comments at work on this one.  It's not a new shirt, so I'm not sure why people kept asking about it.

January 9

I took a day off of geek shirts and only wore a purple ringer tee on the 8th.  But on the 9th I wore one of my Arrested Development shirts.  This is my only mass market AD shirt.  The rest are from the shirt-of-the-day sites.  Arrested Development was one of my all-time favorite tv shows.  I still have high hopes that it'll be back again.

January 10

Another shirt-of-the-day site picks.  This time it's the Batman TV show logo done up Doctor Who style.  I love that I was at my friend Chris' t-shirt site and he's got a very similar new shirt.  It made me chuckle.  I have one other shirt that's similar to this and you'll just have to wait to see it.

January 11

Yesterday's selection was the Metal Men.  The shirt rocks and that's all I need to say about it.  Other than the fact that there are symbol shirts for each member of the Metal Men and I do not have them.  Yet.

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