Shirts first.

February 10
No t-shirt

February 11

Another shirt-of-the-day site treasure.  I absolutely love this shirt and wear it frequently.  And every time I wear it, the same co-worker asks what it is or what it means.  David Tennant Doctor Who shirt.  
February 12

We used to go to Walt Disney World every year at least once.  And I'd always try to find a shirt when I went.  Most of my old ones I've either worn out or outgrew (in grew?  I got smaller, they did not.).  I only have a couple left.  This one is from my last trip there.  I love the retro look to it.  It gets harder and harder to find shirts there that are the slightest bit interesting and not cheap looking.  This one fit the bill, though.

February 13

This is a Nerd Block Star Wars shirt.  It's kind of lost on me since *gasp* I've never seen a Star Wars movie in my life.  Nor do I really have any desire.  Sure, I know who most of the characters are (and honestly, who doesn't?), but that's about the extent of my SW knowledge.  But it's a neat shirt, nonetheless.

February 14

Although I wore it on Valentine's Day, the fact that I picked a red shirt was coincidental.  This is one of my older shirts.  And by older, after I hit my goal weight.  I love it.  I love it a lot.  I have another one very similar to it with eight other characters, but on navy blue.  I only wear this shirt in the winter.  The reason for that is I need a shirt underneath it.  It's cut just the slightest bit short that makes it a belly shirt on me.  I'm uncomfortable with that, so I wear it over a long sleeve t-shirt and it's great.

I'm sure I've bitched about clothes many times in the past here.  Being obese presented a lot of challenges to buying clothes.  It took some searching, but I could find my size if I looked long and hard enough.  When I got back down into a human sized body, I thought those issues would be long behind me, but instead I discovered all-new issues.  Shirts are always a problem.  I lost enough weight that I can fit into some medium sized shirts (some, not most, though), but they're much too short on me.  I can fit into all large shirts, but again, I find that length is a big issue.  My torso is just a little bit too big for a normal large shirt.  So most of the comic book shirts I buy tend to be XL.  XL's are baggy on me, but they give me the extra inch, sometimes two, that I need for them not to be belly shirts.  I wish that I could get these things in a LT, because that would be ideal.  But they don't.  

I've also discovered that all XLs are not created equally.  Like this shirt.  It's short on my.  Others are fine.  Every once in a great while, they are even long.  And some are way baggier than others.  It's a little frustrating, but I deal.

February 15

This Doctor Who shirt is a legitimately licensed shirt and not a shirt-of-the-day type.  I picked it to wear yesterday because the time/space vortex behind the TARDIS reminds me a little bit of the big snow storm we had the other day.  I thought it was semi-appropriate.  No other reason.

February 16

Today was just another random grab from the closet.  I got Aquaman.  I love Aquaman.  This shirt is silly, but it's twelve kinds of awesome, too, and it matches a pair of Aquaman sneakers I have.

On Friday, my bi-weekly box of crack arrived.  Here's what I got this time.

For floppies, I got Batman, Batgir, Justice League of America, Earth 2, Forever Evil and two of the FE tie-in mini-series.

I only got three trades this time.  Avengers Vol 1, Supergirl Vol 3 and Constantine Vol 1.  Supergirl is the only Superman Family book I'm currently reading.  The rest of the Superman books and Superboy have been incredibly disappointing to me, so I've dropped them.  Supergirl has been semi-interesting.  She's clearly a new incarnation of Kara Zor-El, but I've been enjoying it so far.  I'm anxious to see where the book is heading.  Constantine I've very nervous about.  I've been a big fan since the 80s, but this is the New 52 Constantine, a watered down version of the character.  I'm not sure how I'm going to like this first volume of the kinder, gentler Constantine.  And Avengers.  I have always loved the Avengers.  I'm curiously optimistic about this Marvel Now relaunch of the series.  The team no longer resembles the Avengers that i used to love, but it looks like there is great potential in the book.  I'm gonna give it a shot and see.

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