T-Shirt Update

January 28
This is the last concert tee I purchased.  From the Frank Turner show back in November.  I posted about it then, I believe.  Possibly the greatest concert I've been to.  At the very least, the greatest show I've been to in a really long time.  If you've never seen him or even heard of him, I suggest searching him out.  He's fantastic.

January 29

A while ago, Graphitti Designs released a Kevin Keller t-shirt.  I really wanted it, but it had two things going against it.  It was white (and I have a hard time keeping white shirts clean) and it had the stupid slogan "Team Kevin" printed across it.  Luckily they came out with another design and I bought this.  In case you are unaware of who Kevin is, he's a classmate of Archie Andrews and he's the first gay character in Archie Comics.

 January 30
 Super Friends.  What else can I say, really?

January 31

Earlier in the week I wore my newest concert tee.  This is my oldest.  It's also the oldest piece of clothing I own.  Back in the day (that day being the day before I lost control of my weight and outgrew normal clothing) I used to buy concert tees to just about every show I went to.  As I got fatter and fatter, I got rid of all my old things, knowing I'd never fit back in them again.  This is the one shirt I kept.  I love the picture.  Herb Ritts, I believe, took the picture.  The show was amazing.  But this shirt, from 1993, spent probably ten or fifteen years in the bottom of a dresser drawer because it didn't fit.  The day it did fit again was a fantastic fucking day.

February 1

I told you I have a lot of Green Lantern shirts.  This one is a variation on the Lantern logo.  What I really like about it is if you look closely, there are Green Lantern comic book covers faded in the background.  What I don't like about it is each time I wash it, those covers seem to get more and more faint.  But it's still a cool shirt.

February 2

Today's shirt is a custom made shirt by Ken.  When we went on the cruise back in November, it was for his sister's 50th birthday.  So he had shirts made.  Thankfully he had the forethought to make sure they weren't obnoxiously obvious.  If you don't look too hard, it just looks like it's a shirt for a local bar or something.  And that makes it something that can be worn anytime, anywhere.  He made a set of four.  Each shirt was a different color and the drinks in the center of the shirt were different on each shirt.  He did a good job.

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