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January 15
 Forgive the lighting, but this almost looks like a Black Lantern t-shirt.  Trust me, it's green all the way.  Green Lantern.  This is my second Green Lantern shirt of 2014 already.  Very similar to the one I wore earlier this month.
January 16

This is one of my favorite Disney shirts ever.  I got it a few years ago at EPCOT.  It's Mickey Mouse, obviously, but all Germaned up.  It roughly translates into "Hello! and have fun!"  It always makes me smile when I wear it. 
January 17
T-Shirt skip day

January 18

I think this is my first band shirt of the year.  I got it last year when I went to go see Stephen Kellogg.  It was a small and intimate show and was spectacular.  He was doing a small pre-album release tour for his newest solo album and I saw him three or four days before the release.  I was hoping he had some copies of the new record for sale with him, but that was not to be.  So instead I picked up some back catalog releases and this shirt.  I knew very little of him before the show.  He offered up a free sample on NoiseTrade.com, a site I visit daily.  I've found so much new stuff there that I can't believe it.  I've backed a couple of the artists from there on Kickstarter because I thought their music was spectacular.  Anyway, I downloaded his sampler and really liked it.  I didn't really search out much more of his music after that, though I don't know why now.  But I saw he was performing here, solo acoustic.  The tickets were cheap and I decided it was worth it.  I've been hooked ever since.  Just read he's playing about 45 minutes from here in March.  It's a Thursday night, so I'm debating going and taking Friday off (because I can!)  It's at a venue I've never been to, but they seem to get all sorts of great acts. 

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