Random thoughts from the weekend.  

Last night I spent about an hour trying to fix an issue with the Norton update I installed on my computer.  I ordered a new disc and it came on Friday.  I installed it yesterday afternoon and then went about my business.  A few hours later I came back to the computer with a big error message on my screen.  I contacted Norton via their website, was immediately connected to a tech (no wait?  For real?  YES!) and he spent an hour trying to fix what was causing the error.  It took him longer than he thought, but no big whoop.  I wasn't going anywhere.  For the extra time it took, he credited my account with an extra 30 days of service.  I was surprised that they would even do this.  Bully for me!

I've gotten a little too obsessed with going to the gym.  I need to pull back a little.  We're almost half way through the month and there have only been two days that I haven't gone.  That's way more than the schedule I have set for myself.  But with all those visits, as of this afternoon, I've officially hit my 100 mile for the month goal.  For February, I'm at 103.98 miles (and counting.)  Add to that what I've done in January, I'm at 268.12 miles.  I should have no trouble passing 300 miles by the end of the month.  I like having that extra cushion just in case something happens.  I don't want to fall behind.  

Oh, and I've slightly modified my 1,200 mile goal for the year.  I now want to go 1,233.8 miles.  Why such a random number?  I put my address into Google Maps as the start and Walt Disney World as the finish and the distance is 1,233.8 miles.  At least by car it is.  If I drew a straight line between my house and WDW, I'm sure it would come in below 1,200.

My stories are starting back up this week.  Wednesday is the start of Survivor and I believe next Sunday Amazing Race is back.  My television viewing has been at a low lately, not that I'm complaining.  I'll start bitching once more of my shows start showing up again and I have trouble keeping up.

I have to take Tuesday off this week, but more about that later.

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