Design Crushes

Ken tapes a lot of design shows on DIY Network and HGTV.  I end up watching a lot of them with him.  While I couldn't tell you too much about any of them, there are a couple designers I have little crushes on.  The first one is Matt Muenster.  He hosts a show called Bath Crashers.  He trolls a hardware store until he can find someone willing to let him come to their house and give them a full bathroom remodel.  He's kind of cute, but he's kind of not cute at all.  But he's mostly kind of cute.

The second one is John Gidding.  He's the designer on Designed To Sell, one of my least favorite design shows out there.  The show is incredibly contrived, horribly staged and just plain uncomfortable to watch.  It's scripted to it's death and beyond.  It's really bad.  But John is so pretty that I don't care.  

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