I had plans today to meet my friends Kevin and Brian for lunch.  They live in Danbury, CT while I live in Albany, NY.  But they had shopping plans at a place roughly half way between where we live and where they live, so it's pretty easy to meet for lunch.  Last month we had the same plan and on the day we got a snow storm.  Today we were supposed to get more snow, but the forecast slowly evolved through the week and the weather held off long enough to make lunch happen.  Shortly after getting home things got icy, but that's post-lunch and that's all that counts.  The Danbury boys are great.  We've set up a date for next month already and I can get to hoping March doesn't schedule another annoying storm for the same day.

As icy as it got, I still managed to make it to the gym.  There were two big reasons pushing me to go.  The first was that big ol' burger I had for lunch.  It was as deadly as it was delicious.  The other reason was I was so close to smashing the 200 mile mark, I couldn't keep myself away.  Slick road be damned!  I knew I was about 8 1/2 miles away, but I couldn't remember exactly how far.  I did just under 8 1/2 on the elliptical, so once I was done there, I jumped on a treadmill for another 2 1/4, just to be sure!  202 and counting!  I just might even allow myself a day off tomorrow.  We'll see....

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