This Week

This week has been an odd one.  The storms mid week really threw everything off.  Thursday and Friday didn't feel like Thursday or Friday, but more like Monday and Tuesday.  And now it's Friday night and I'm more confused than ever.  I'm just glad the weekend is here again.  I need to rest.

I really pushed myself hard at the gym this week.  I thought the weather was going to limit my access, but I was mistaken.  I've been five out of the last six days.  As for my 1,200 mile goal for the year, I'm in an excellent place with it right now.  I'm about 8.5 miles away from hitting my end of February goal.  That's pretty damn great considering it's only February 4th today.  I'm  undecided about the gym for tomorrow.  Depends on what time tomorrow afternoon I get home from my hot lunch date.  And the weather is giving me the evil eye about it, too.  I had to cancel last month's lunch date with the Danbury boys because of a storm.  We have another one tomorrow (both storm and lunch date.  What fun!) but it looks like it shouldn't be too bad.  Gonna chance it.

Last week I decided to dust off the Kate Bush discography and chose one album each day to play (and some days, I chose two.)  I like how that played out (no pun intended.)  I've decided to do that often.  This week I chose Big Country.  I forgot how much I really like them.  This is a good exercise to pursue.  Pick an artist and give their discography a fresh listen.  I haven't decided who next week's victim is going to be yet, but I'll figure it out by Monday.

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