I'm bummed out.  I have two external hard drives as well as my computer's internal one.  I got my first external because my computer's internal was getting full, plus I have all my music on it and wanted a back up, just in case something happened.  I got my second external because my computer's internal drive was almost completely full.  I wanted to move all my music off of the internal and onto one external while backing it up to the other external.  Last night I discovered that my first external was shot.  Nothing I could do could get me to access anything on the drive.  The computer offered me the option of formatting the drive, but that was it.  I tried everything I could to try and recover the files on the drive, but to no avail.  Everything on it is gone.  Luckily, most of it was just duplicate files of things that I have elsewhere.  However, there's one thing on there that I never got around to backing up on the other external.  I've been meaning to do it, but never think of it.  That would be... my porn.  I lost it all.  But the drive appears to be back to working again.  Time to back the music up before something tragic like this happens again.

Hand update.  If the pain I was feeling yesterday, on a scale of one (no pain) to ten (worst pain), was a ten, today it was a two.  What I didn't realize was we had a massive storm front moving through the area.  Yesterday it was in the fifties, today in the twenties with lots of blowing wind and some snow.  My body has been working it's way towards becoming a living barometer over the last few years.  Usually weather like this in the winter affects my wrists, while summer weather like this I feel in my shoulder.  It's now moved my my hands.  Joy.

I hit another goal in my attempt at going 1,200 miles this year.  Today I passed the 300 mile mark.  I feel so good about this.  I'm more than a month ahead of schedule on this challenge.  I should be close to 350 miles by the end of the month if I keep up the pace I'm currently on.

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Joe in Philly said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your porn was lost. I know it's so difficult to find any porn on the Internet these days.