1,200 Miles Update

Progress report on my attempt at going 1,200 miles in 2011.  I way, way, way outdid myself in February.  In January, I went just under 165 miles.  I thought that was fantastic.  The goal I need to hit each month is just 100 miles, so I was well underway.  February I went above and beyond the call of duty, thanks to my obsessive nature.  I just got home from the gym and tonight's workout brought me up to 221.26 miles for the month and 385.40 for the year to date.  I'm less than 15 miles away from my April goal.  APRIL!  I wasn't even going to go tonight, but I kind of overdid it on candy at work today and I guilted myself into going.  

I've been saying this a lot to myself lately, but I'm really proud of all I'm doing.  I'm extremely hard on myself a lot of the time and never let myself bask in the glory of things I accomplish, but this time I going to enjoy the pride.

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Nik_TheGreek said...

Well done!
You should be proud of yourself