Just a quickie for tonight.

I somehow let Ken talk me into going out to dinner tonight. We hit the Cheesecake Factory and I fucked up my points for the day royally. I tried to eat good there by ordering a Cobb Salad, but I'm sure that salad was still above how many points I had left for the day. And we ordered the hummus and don't forget the basket of bread... I feel enormous, bloated and just plain gross now. But this is my last big meal for the week, I think. Tomorrow is my oral surgery. It was scheduled for 1pm, but I got a phone call this afternoon at work saying there was a cancellation and did I want to have it done at 10:45am instead. Hells, yeah. The thing about going in at 1 o'clock that was most annoying for me was the NO EATING in the six hours prior rule. It'll be much easier making it until 10:45 than it would be 1pm.

I'm getting pretty anxious for tomorrow. I really haven't been at all until this afternoon. It's getting worse right now. The surgeon prescribed me some Xanax. One pill at bedtime tonight and one an hour before the procedure. Well, I popped the first one about an hour ago and I'm still waiting for it to do something. I don't feel the slightest bit calm right now. Just the opposite, in fact. Pretty jumpy and anxious. Let's hope it does something and soon.

I really have no idea what to expect for tomorrow once I get home. Ken says I'll probably just sleep the whole afternoon. I have no problem with that. I've got no clue what sort of discomfort I'm in store for. I really hope and pray I get something strong for the pain. I'm such a candy ass and pills don't tend to do too much to ease the pain for me. If he gives me something too mild, I'm more than likely going to tell him to keep the prescription.

I'm off to watch a little tv now. Wish me luck!


wcs said...

Good luck! You'll come through it just fine. And get Ken to wait on you hand and foot for a couple of days. ;)

Nik_TheGreek said...

Cheesecake factory. Ah. Happy memories... Why isn't there any in Europe?

Good luck with the op.
Just think that in a couple of days you'll be just fine.