Another Random One

This is beginning to become a habit. Lately it seems the only way for me to post is to post a bunch of random crap. I don't really have anything too interesting going on to devote too much space to, I guess. Not that I ever have anything too interesting going on...

Took today off of work for a consultation with an oral surgeon. My bottom wisdom teeth need to come out. I had the top ones out years ago, but the bottom ones require surgery, so I've put it off as long as I possibly can. I really, really liked the surgeon. He was very personable, very funny and very reassuring. I'm still dreading having the actually procedure done, but I feel a little better now that I got a chance to meet with the surgeon, ask all my questions and get all the information about what to expect. I wanted a Wednesday appointment to get this done and the first one he had open was in two weeks. The first open appointment he had was that Monday, but in my head I've been planning on a Wednesday and then taking the rest of the week off of work to recover. The only part of my appointment I'm disappointed with is it's not until 1pm. I was hoping for early in the morning, especially because I can't have anything to eat or drink six hours prior.

I got a bunch of random text messages from co-workers today. Apparently today was a good day to take off in most regards. Two of the most annoying people on my entire floor sit with me and they were in rare form. I heard from a couple different people that they were ready to go up to them and cause them great bodily harm. I'll get some specifics tomorrow. I heard from another friend that the person who was supposed to cover for me this afternoon up and disappeared. Someone who doesn't know how to do the task he was covering for (not that it's a hard task and easy enough to figure out) stepped in to help out. Unfortunately she doesn't have authority to get into the program I use, so who knows what my desk is going to look like tomorrow.

Yesterday I met in person someone I've known only through the blogosphere. His name is Walt, his blog is here and he's back in the States for a visit. I had an amazing time. Walt's great. I really enjoyed meeting him and talking to him (and Sean). I'm just hoping I didn't stutter too much, fumble over my words or sound like a total jackass. I know how I can get when I'm around new people. Here's a photo from lunch. Sean is on the left and Walt is on the right.
But more importantly, my lunch is in between them. Here's a close up.

I think I finally realized sometime about my body and I'm not very happy about it at all. The last few months, my sciatic nerve has been on the low end of annoying. I've really had no trouble with it at all. Until yesterday. I noticed it starting to act up a little when I left work and it's been pretty noticeable all day today. Coincidentally, I've finally been able to start shedding those extra few pounds I picked up on vacation this summer. Today was my single best weigh in since the end of August. The whole while I was up a little more than I wanted to be, I had no issues. Every single time I've had sciatic flare ups, it's been when I was lighter. I know it's just a coincidence, but I'm starting to think that when I drop weight, it's coming from the padding I have in that area and that causes the inflammation. I know I need to go see a specialist about this, but in the meanwhile, I think I need to concentrate on keeping a few more pounds on than I want to. I know in the grand scheme of things that an extra five pounds or so is nothing, but I've driven myself to a place, psychologically, where every pound above the number I've set in my head is like ten pounds. It's going to be hard reprogramming my head, but I think it's something I have to do.

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wcs said...

It was great meeting you, too. And you were at ease, friendly, and interesting to talk with. I had a blast!