I'm still feeling a bit out of it and not myself, but that's only natural. I'm working on getting back into the swing of life, though.

I planned on working late tonight, but I forgot it's the end of the month. The system shuts down at 5 o'clock to start the month end reconciliation stuff. Boo.

I was expecting my bi-weekly comic book shipment today. I usually get it every other Friday, but Thanksgiving threw the delivery schedule out of whack. That was something to look forward to. Only I got home and no comics. Boo, again.

However, I got a package in the mail that I had no idea what it was. I opened it to discover the new checks for the joint account Ken and I opened recently. He ordered the checks, and imagine my surprise to find out he ordered Wonder Woman checks. I love it!

I had a really bad weigh in this morning, but it wasn't unexpected. Yesterday I cooked a turkey for dinner. They had the excess turkeys they didn't sell on sale. I got a 21 lb. turkey for $5. I couldn't pass it up. I would have picked up a smaller bird, but the smaller ones were still frozen solid. This one was ready to cook. And I overdid it on the turkey for dinner. But it's delicious. I blame my mother because she didn't send me home with any leftovers on Thanksgiving day.

I was feeling pretty down this morning when I got to work and so I grabbed a handful of candy to medicate myself. Every Monday morning, our assistant director comes in with candy for the office. Today was Fun Size Nestle Crunch bars. I started chowing down on them and then I remembered that I needed to write down what I was eating. I stick a Post It Note on my desk to record what I eat and how many points I'm using to keep myself on track. So I wrote down my candy and got mad at myself for doing it. Luckily I did this before I did too much damage. And luckily I had more than enough points left tonight to enjoy dinner instead of eating a cucumber. I'm having soup, something I've just rediscovered. I'd forgotten how much I love soup. It got me through the roughest part of the wisdom teeth extraction. Tonight's soup is broccoli soup. I'm not loving it, but it's still good. It was that, clam chowder or split pea.

I just read something on one of the other blogs I follow that made me very happy. John Barrowman was on some talk show today talking about his Captain Jack character, Doctor Who and Torchwood. He announced that a new series of 13 episodes of Torchwood would be coming soon. I'm thrilled. After the last series, things were pretty much done for Torchwood. I'm psyched that they're bringing the show back. I wonder how they're going to do it. I wonder who will be on the show. Yay!

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