I Survived!

I survived my oral surgery! Thankfully, eve.rything went very smoothly. Very, very smoothly. It started Tuesday night with my Xanax. That was the worst part of the whole experience, if you ask me. Rather than calming me down like it was supposed to, it seemed to do just the opposite. But maybe it's because I was unaccustomed to the pill? I don't know. I was to take the second pill about an hour before the surgery and that had a completely different effect on me. It made me really groggy. It took some of the edge off of what I was feeling, too, but it mostly just made me want to go to sleep. People seem to rave about Xanax. I'm not really sure why after taking it.

Ken drove me up to the surgeon's office with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite ready for me at the appointed time, but I was all hopped up on goofballs, so I didn't realize it. I think I went in a half hour later than the time, but that was fine considering my original appointment was for 1:00, not 10:45 (hurrah for last minute cancellations.)

There's really not too much about the whole experience that I remember. From the minute they put the nitrous thingie on my nose to when I came back to is all gone. I know I said some pretty stupid shit when I was coming to, like "They put two WWII army tanks in my mouth. That's how they do dentistry now." And I looked pretty fucked up (Ken took pics. They're over on my photoblog.) But overall, the experience of having those teeth cut out of my head was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

I really didn't have much pain of any kind yesterday, but I was still pretty messed up from the stuff they gave me at the office and then my prescriptions. I slept all afternoon, which was great, but then I was awake until 4 am, which sucked. I hope to fix my internal clock a little bit tonight.

Today I hurt. Not too bad, but enough. I've been fearing dry socket and have been trying to take it easy with my mouth. The pain seems to go back and forth with the left side hurting and the right side feeling fine, to the right side hurting and the left side feeling fine. I'm swollen and a little numb on the right side of my face, too, but luckily, there's no bruising. I thought I'd be living the life, laying in bed all day, eating ice cream and hummus, but after a day and a half of it, I'm over it. I'm going a little stir crazy and I want to eat something besides ice cream and hummus already. I was going to go out today, but Ken and I had a big fight about it so I conceded and stayed home to rest, which didn't go well because the second I nodded off, he called.

Instead, I put the boxes of comics I culled from my collection up on Craig's List today. It was my first experience with Craig's List and it was a positive one. I put my ad up at 11:17. By 11:30 I had two people interested. The first person asked a few questions and wanted to look over the list some more. The second person said he could be to my house at 3 o'clock for the books. Then he called back fifteen minutes later asking if it was okay to show up by 1 o'clock. I was amazed. And thrilled. I thought it was going to take a while to find anyone interested in these books. I had no idea they'd be gone less than two hours after I listed them. Now I'm gonna do a little shopping with some of the money and be responsible with the rest.

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