There came a point today that I was seriously considering hopping in my car and running away from home. I was having a really bad day, which happens, but I couldn't tell you why. There is nothing too terribly wrong happening right now. I think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and everything tiny thing today just rubbed me the wrong way. For instance, first thing this morning I go downstairs to find that Lucy jumped at the spider plant hanging well out of her reach above the kitchen sink, only to manage to send it crashing from it's hook to the floor below. Dirt EVERYWHERE. Normally I would think this was Ollie's doing, but Ken actually got to the accident scene first and found that Ollie was nowhere to be found (he was upstairs) and the guilty culprit was sitting nearby.

The cats would not leave me alone for one second today. I would be trying to do things around the house and (mostly) Ollie would be so far up my ass that if I opened my mouth, he could stick his paw out of it. I was washing down the walls in the kitchen and I nearly killed myself tripping over him multiple times. I got up on a step stool and he jumped up to the top of the cabinet near where I was cleaning, trying to attack the sponge. I was writing emails and he needed to be on my lap. I had to go to the bathroom and he followed me in and jumped up on my lap and laid down. The little bastard knows no boundaries. Just when I managed to lose him, Lucy started in begging for attention. This is right after jumping up on a bookshelf in my office sending all sorts of stuff crashing to the floor.

I have a few social/family obligations coming up in the next couple of weeks and it's stressing me out. Twice I'm going to end up at my Mom's house within two weeks and I'm absolutely dreading it. One of the times I'm pretty convinced was a ploy to sucker me into a visit. I know I must sound like an ass talking like this, but I don't seem to have a lot to talk with my family about, even less so the older I get.

I know I'm not dealing with the upcoming move and all the work that's needed to get this house ready to sell very well. I know I'm trying to bottle up all the stress and stuff, which isn't healthy. It's possible that washing down the kitchen walls is what started a lot of this for me. (The walls needed to be washed down before they could be primed and then painted, which is all part of the process to get the house ready to sell.) I don't know. I'm only happy that I could recognize that I was starting to lose my mind today. It's usually too late by the time this happens.

Not to change the subject too drastically, but in my continuing effort to help Ken along with his diet, I decided to start doing Weight Watchers with him. Mostly. I'm not joining the cult or anything or going to meetings, but I'm trying to do the rest of the program with him. There's a Weight Watchers app for the iPhone and Ken has a username and password, so I can get in and check it out. I figured out what my allotted number of points in a day is and I'm trying to stick to it. The app helps me figure out how many points are in different things so I can stay on track. Today is the second day and it was a little harder than yesterday. Harder because I blew more of my points than I expected on a salad at Panera. I get 31 points a day and the rinky dink salad I had was 12 points. Yesterday was much, much easier when I was making my own food. I had loads of extra points to blow, so I maxed out on pita chips and hummus last night. Tomorrow life goes back to normal after today's bonus day off and I should be able to eat way more than I did today.

Next blog post I promise I'm not going to be all bitchy, whiny, crabby, bitter and negative. It's getting old.

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Nik_TheGreek said...

Don't worry about being bitchy. You should talk / write about things that trouble you anyway...

Good luck with the Weight Watchers thing.