I Hate My Life

I hate my life right now. I really do. I've talked about everything we've been doing to the house to get it ready to go on the market. The biggest things we've had done were to remodel the bathroom, to get new ceilings on the first floor and also to have the first floor painted. The next big thing is coming up. We're having all the hardwood floors refinished in all the rooms but two. The two rooms we're not doing are my office and Ken's office. Those floors really need to be redone, but the thought of emptying out every single room in the house is too much for me. Instead, when the time comes, we're going to have them carpeted.

I hate living in the chaos I've been living in for the past few months. I'm sure I'll have some fucked up dream tonight about it, especially since I spent a good portion of the day prepping for the work. Started in the dining room, emptying it out.

The floor in this room is in the most need of being redone. We ran out of time for the floors before we were to move in, so the damage has been hiding beneath an area rug.

The contents of the dining room, which we use as a second living room, were split between the front porch and the kitchen. Here's Ollie resting on his new favorite spot.

The refrigerator has been moved from the hardwood part of the floor to the tiled part.

There is just general chaos in the kitchen today. Stuff is everywhere. There's a nice bag of trash I was working on when I snapped the picture. Classy.

The living room is the most intact room in the whole house right now, but it's down to the barest essentials. We've got the tv, the couch and the coffee table. The coffee table would be gone, but we're going to need that when moving the television, which weighs more than I can calculate. I'd guess 200 lbs easy. It's so damn heavy and the two of us can only move it so far before we have to put it down.

The front hallway is almost completely empty. The small dresser is going to be another television moving pitstop.

The stairs are also being refinished. I spent a while this morning taking up the carpeting that hid the ugliness of my steps.

The guest room is now empty except for Ken's ironing board, which he's going to still need.

The contents of the guest room now reside in my office. Look for a hidden cat.

All that's left in the bedroom for the time being are two nightstands and one bed. Everything else is gone. Well, almost everything. I need to find a home for the suitcases and the air purifier.

I know this is a means to an end, but I'm freaking out by everything being so chaotic right now. I hate it. I know we're going to have nice new floors in a week, but I'm so damn sick of it. I want this house sold, I want a new house purchased and I want to be unpacking as we speak. I know it's unreasonable on my part, but that's how I feel. I am never, ever going through this again.


wcs said...

Hang in there! It will all be over before you know it.

Word verification is "spluc." I just thought I'd share.

Dyl said...

It sucks doesn't it. I hate it too. It'll be over soon.

New house too look forward to. Will that need redecorating though....!!! :-) x

Diane said...

All change can be frustrating and sucky.

Don't forget why you're doing all of this...to get to a better place. :)

Keep your head up and keep taking deep breaths. (This coming from someone who is in utter turmoil as we speak.)

I'm always here if you need to rant...

xo Diane