I'm taking Friday off so that I have a four day weekend. I remember last year I took a half day on the day before Memorial Day and ended up leaving work early because I was sick. Got home, laid down and woke up 20 hours later. Whatever I had was nasty and it sucked out loud.

It's hotter than shit out right now. It got up to 90 degrees today and now my house is disgustingly warm. I was too hot to get the air conditioners out of the attic, so that will have to wait until tomorrow, which is going to be just slightly hotter. Ack!

Go read Tony Z™'s Comics 'n Things. Because I said so, that's why.

I just downloaded the new episode of QCastCT, but I'm afraid to listen to it. I called in and I'm sure they're going to play my call. I'm also sure I sounded liked a total Fucktard on the call. Again, something for tomorrow.

I stopped at the comic shop on the way home from work tonight and bought the new Donna Troy action figure. Ain't she pretty?

Got a belated birthday card in the mail today from my friend Rob from High School. He included a picture of his new baby daughter. She was born May 6 but wasn't due until August 12th. She weighs just over a pound. I can't even imagine. He's hoping she'll be well enough to come home right around when she was supposed to be born. I hope she's doing well.


Just another southern gay guy said...

I picked up your comment about Dr. Who. Thanks for the website referral. No, I haven't had any luck locally finding those episodes - and I am seriously bummed.

I've taken to browsing over to your blog occasionally - happy birthday, and enjoy the weekend!

Tony Z™ said...

I love the Donna Troy action figure. LOVE IT!

And thanks for the shout out, I love you, too!!