Fun In The Sun

I'm exhausted. We spent the entire day with the Girls doing up one of their gardens. Left the house at 9 this morning, got there around 10, went plant shopping and then spent about 3 hours planting. In the sun. The very intense sun. Then they took a quick swim in their brand new built in pool (I would have joined them, but I didn't bring my suit). Afterwards we went out to dinner, back to Lowe's for more plants and things, back to their house for a little more gardening and a couple of quick home improvement projects and cake, and then finally home at 9. A full day to say the least. Naturally I didn't use sunblock and now I'm burned. I always do this. Burn early before I learn my lesson.

In other news, it's my official weigh in day. I was hoping for the 249 I saw earlier this week, but alas, it was not to be. Instead I got 248!! HOLLA!!! Naturally I fucked it all up with today's eating habits. McDonald's for breakfast, too much bread at dinner and 2 pieces of cake before the drive home. As long as it doesn't rain tomorrow, I should be able to walk some of it off. And hopefully I burned some of it off today. We'll see.

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Tony Z™ said...

HOLLA!!! (You are such a queen!)

YEA on the 248!! Now you better lay off the Mickey D's this week! I want to see a 247 next Sunday!!