There's nothing quite like a cover tune. I really love 'em, but this isn't about that kind of cover, but rather comic book covers. I got the idea reading my buddy Todd's Perhapablog the other day. He occasionally will feature random comic book covers on his blog. The other day he posted some awesome Superman covers from the 70s and that got me to thinking (again) what are my favorite covers? I think there are way too many to list, but off the top of my head I came up with these.

This is probably my favorite cover of all time. It's from DC 100 Page Super-Spectacular #6. It's a wraparound cover, but I've only got the front to show you. It features members of the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America. It's just an amazing piece of work.

First appearance of Batgirl. Very simple cover, but a classic at the same time.

My other favorite cover featuring Batgirl. This is the closest I ever got to having her in the Justice League.

Another Justice League cover, this one by Neal Adams and featuring Adam Strange. My friend Todd made a 3-D diorama of this cover and it's hanging proudly here in my comics room.

Aquaman had probably the most consistent run of amazing covers in the late 60s. I couldn't choose just one to post here, so I picked two. I would have chosen more, but then I wouldn't have any to post the next time I do this. Heh. Nick Cardy is the man who was responsible for these. He's one of my all time favorite artists. His stuff is real eye candy.

Nick Cardy is also responsible for these two beauties. The first cover was one of my favorites since childhood. I don't know if it holds up as well to me now, but it's still amazing. The second cover has to be the single best Teen Titans cover ever done. Now that one still holds up today just as well as it did when it was first published.

This next one was drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and it still takes my breath away. I don't know if it's the fact that I saw it once in the store when I was young but didn't have the money for it and it was gone when I went back for it or what, but this book holds a special place for me. Just looking at it brings me back to when I was probably eleven or twelve.

This last one is a real gem. I don't own this book, nor have I ever read it. I do remember seeing it advertised in the back of an old DC book years and years ago and I've loved it since that first sighting. It was penciled by Carmine Infantino and inked by Murphy Anderson. Now I've never been the biggest Infantino fan, but Murphy Anderson, on the other hand, is a God to me. Next time I do this, I'm going to have to showcase some more stuff by him, because he's amazing.


Davy said...

I have the first Batgirl cover as a poster. My favorite. So goord...

Walt said...

Ack!!! Davy posted on my blog!! How awesome is that. I feel like a real celebritard now!!

Tony Z™ said...

I, too, love that DC 100 Page Super-Spectacular cover! It's just cool! DC did a reprint of it a couple years back, but instead of using the actual cover, they had Dick Giordano recreate it. Not quite as cool as the original...

Totally diggin' some Neal Adams' Justice League! That cover is just amazing.

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Nick Cardy can simply do NO wrong!!

Dane said...

There are a couple of these that I have or remember from childhood too. Thanks for posting these.