I'm about half way to my weight loss goal and I'm damn proud of myself for getting this far. And I learned a lot about myself, my drive and my will power this week. I thought my will power was pretty strong and in check. How else have I managed to drop fifty pounds? Well, I found out differently this week. We've had sweets in the house. The Barefoot Contessa's brownies. And I've been enjoying them. And I've also been enjoying the dark chocolate covered Altoids.

Anyway, I discovered that I thought my will power was pretty strong because I've been avoiding crap like this for many months. But it's only because I haven't had temptations like this in my house. I've had strong enough will power not to buy these things at the supermarket, but not strong enough will power to avoid them when they're brought into my house. Does that make sense? I'm pretty tired.

I ate two brownies tonight (and smeared Cool Whip all over them, too) and then felt really guilty, so I went out for a short walk, which turned into a long walk. I'm doing really well and I'm afraid this is where I start sabotaging things. I need to keep that thought in the front of my head so that I don't.

Tomorrow night is going to be hard because it's Game Night at Lynn & Lori's and it's an excuse to eat bad. Wish me luck.


Dane said...

Eh, the Altoids are okay. What are they, 15 calories for two? They're helping keep me on the straight and narrow while indulging the chocolate jones.

Walt said...

I proved why I can't have them in the house. They didn't last very long. It isn't wise to eat them in place of dinner.