Wow. What a weekend. No, I didn't really do anything, but spring is finally here. You'd never know that we had a massive Nor'easter last weekend. The temps got well up in the 70s. I felt really odd leaving the house with no jacket.

It was a lazy weekend, too. I didn't work, which was nice. Did a little yardwork, took two long walks, went out to eat... Very relaxing.

Next Saturday night we're going to Lynn & Lori's house for Game Night. Ken's decided he's making the Barefoot Contessa's brownies to bring, so we went out and bought the ingredients. He's going to make a batch tonight because it's been so long since the last time he's made them. He's out of practice.

I played with my myspace and my comicspace pages this weekend. Didn't do much, but probably spent time there that I could have been doing something productive instead. I found a couple of my friends on myspace that I didn't know were there. That was exciting.

I burned the last two episodes of Doctor Who to dvd, but haven't watched them yet. Sometime this week I'll get around to it.

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