Adventures In Plumbing

I'm slipping. I haven't posted anything here since Monday. I want to try to post something every day. I've got to be better.

I have tomorrow off. The plumber is coming to fix some pipes. The pipe that the washer and dishwasher both drain into is backing up and that's not good. The tub is also backing up, but I blame Ken's rapid hair loss on that. Ken may be home tomorrow, too, which I'm not thrilled about. He's been sick since yesterday. He came home early today and is just waking up now from napping. I like my alone time and I might not have any. I'm selfish like that. And not only will I not have alone time, he's sick and likes to be waited on hand and foot when he's sick. When I'm sick, I want the world to be dead and leave me the fuck alone.

And my basement still stinks.

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