"Put Me on a Hell Ride"

The bus stop is directly across the street from work. As I was leaving today, one of the buses I take (there are four routes I take regularly) was pulling up. I thought to myself "SCORE!" No waiting. I board the bus and there are only like 7 people on it. "DOUBLE SCORE!" And then it begins. The bus turned down a street it's never turned down before. I start to get a little concerned, but I thought maybe the bus was just rounding the block. After all, this douchebag flagged it down and made it pull slightly off the main street. Whatever. But then we don't round the block. We go the other way. Someone got up and asked what was going on. Apparently there was some sort of accident. Something fell off a building and hit some people. The road was closed straight ahead. Which meant for a detour. And it meant for ALL TRAFFIC to detour. It took 30 minutes for the bus to go around the detour to get back where it was supposed to be. We sat in traffic for 25 of the 30 minutes. It was infuriating.

I hadn't planned on walking too far home from the bus, but I needed to get off the bus. I got off about a mile and a half from home, which is a good thing. There was this total white trash guy in a wheel chair at the stop where I was getting off. As I pass him, he yells to the bus driver "You goin' to Wal-Marts?" This bus doesn't, but the guy got on the bus anyway. I walked up past three more bus stops and the bus still hadn't passed me. I would have lost my mind if I was forced to sit and wait that much longer.

I'm nothing if I have nothing to whine about.

My title today comes from someone who is very familiar with riding the bus. It's a Wesley Willis song title, fyi.

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