Took today off to be here for the plumber. He was done by 9:30am and I could have probably gone into work, but fuck that shit. It's Friday and I deserve a break. I've got about 7 weeks of time saved up at work and I better start taking some of it.

I wish I could say this was a great day off. It wasn't shitty, but it wasn't great. I tried to motivate to do stuff, but it was hard. I started cleaning, but lost interest. I started yard work, but lost interest. I went for a walk and it was good, but it took all afternoon to motivate. I think I'm sleep deprived or something and that's the cause of my troubles. At least that's what I decided today. I'm not going in to work tomorrow and I'm not setting the alarm. I'm going to attempt to sleep in, but I know Ollie will be on me at 6am, licking my face. But that's okay. He's way too cute to be mad at.

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