I didn't feel all the well today. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think it might be something I ate yesterday, but I really don't know. Ken ate the same stuff as me and he felt fine, so who knows. I'm feeling better now than I have all day. I'm going to go to bed early tonight and try to get a good night's sleep. Hopefully that will help.

Although it wasn't planned, I took the bus in to work today. I usually get a ride from Ken, who drops me off on his way to work. But he got up early to try to book our Disney trip this morning. He called in at 7am and was on hold for 1 hour and 43 minutes before getting through. This morning Disney started a promotion for free dining when you stay there during certain dates. Apparently everyone and their brother jumped at the offer, hence the wait time. But we're booked and I'm so excited. Going for 10 days, the longest vacation I've ever taken. When I worked in retail, getting a week off was near impossible. Now I'm taking a week and a half and no one cares. Can't wait!!!!!!

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