Wonder Woman

I love happy surprises.  Tonight I was browsing through Amazon.com and came an upcoming book I was completely unaware of.  The book is Wonder Woman: The Twelve Labors.  It's a trade paperback collection of a two-year long run of the Wonder Woman comic from the 70's.  In the late 60's, Wonder Woman's book took on a bold new direction.  She renounced her powers and gave up her super-hero life. She became a boutique owner and crime fighter more along the lines of Emma Peel from the Avengers.  By the early 70's, Wonder Woman was restored to her normal star-spangled self.  With her powers costume and powers back, she was offered her membership in the Justice League of America again, but before accepting it, she wanted to prove she was still worthy of being a member.  The Twelve Labors is that story.  Each issue of the series had a different JLAer shadowing Wonder Woman through her various adventures.

I have all the individual issues of this run, but I'm very excited by the prospect of owning it in a single volume.

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