This is turning out to be a hard week.  It really shouldn't be, but it is.  And because it's what I do when I'm under stress, I turn to food.  And not just any food, usually.  Shit food.  I've been overindulging with cookies and chocolate.  The logical side of my brain is screaming at me to stop, but the emotional side is ignoring it and I'm eating and then feeling like crap about it.  In turn, I'm going to the gym every single night without fail.  I felt like a zombie when I got home tonight.  I've worn myself out.  I need to stop this insanity.  I will do tomorrow morning what I've done every morning this week.  I'm going to try to start out with a clean slate and behave myself.  I will try not to let life's burdens get to me and I will be a stronger person.  Or Batman will slap my ass, and not in a good way.

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