12 Of 12

So I stumbled on this blog once through another blog.  Every month on the 12th, the blogger would post 12 pictures taken that day and would encourage others to do the same.  I did it once, but could never remember to do it again.  Until today.  And then I searched out his blog again only to find that last month was the last month he was doing it.  But screw that.  I did it today and I'm posting for 12 pictures, no matter how sucky they are.

(1) I like to sit at the back of the shuttle bus on the ride in to work in the morning.  It keeps me away from the people I ride with, and that makes me happy.  Today we had the STORM OF THE CENTURY (a dusting of snow to maybe an inch) and by the time we got to my stop, there were only two other people on the bus. 

(2)  This is me, sitting on the bus, no prepared to face the day.  Like always.

(3)  My work computer wallpaper.  It's Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman.

(4)  I'm working on an OCD project where I am going through each and every one of my geek friendly t-shirts, one a day without repeating, and taking a picture to post on Instagram.  Today was day 3 of this project and today's choice was Batwoman.

(5) A coworker loaned me this book.  She might have been trying to plant ideas in my head about the best way for other coworkers to go?

(6)  The wall behind my computer at work.  Crisis on one wall, Starman on the other.

(7)  The (alleged) junkie whore I work with left work at the same time I did today.  I tried to snap a picture without her seeing.  She's getting on her shuttle bus.  At least I hope it's the right one.


(8)  Traffic sucked ass getting home tonight.  I think I spent more time sitting idle than I did driving.

(9)  The temporary kitchen ceiling light I mentioned a few posts ago.

(10)  Is that a TARDIS at the bottom of the stairs?  

(11)  A partial view of my shoe closet.

(12)  Mrs. Lucy certain loves sleeping on my legs.  She's such a sweetie.

See.  My life is pretty mundane, so my pictures are, too.  Plus, I wasn't feeling too good today, so I wasn't really inspired to take many pictures.  But I remembered and that's all that counts.

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