Random Thoughts

I'm nearly over this cold. It hasn't been a bad cold. It's been a little cold, but it won't go away. I think one good night of sleep will send it on it's way finally. If I can get a good night of sleep. As tired as I've been lately, I haven't been able to sleep. It's frustrating and wearing me down. Hopefully tonight.

Lack of sleep definitely does not help my attitude. Yesterday was particularly bad. I just couldn't deal and every single person I came in contact with annoyed the living piss out of me. Today started the same way, but my mood turned north rather quickly and I'm grateful for that.

DC Comics released some promotional artwork for it's Hawkman comic. The art was drawn by super-star hack Rob Liefeld and it's agonizingly terrible. I'm about the only person in the country who is reading Hawkman and this is enough to make me drop it. Check this shit out.

I'm trying to cut the amounts of sugar and meat I currently ingest. The sugar is a no brainer. It's terrible for me and does me no favors. The meat, on the other hand, comes from a different place. I love meat. It's delicious. But whenever I think about where meat comes from, it really grosses me out. The older I get, the more grossed out I get. My goal isn't to become a vegetarian, but it's to drastically reduce the amount of animals I eat. I know over the last few years I've cut back on the amount of meat I eat, but I don't think it's enough. I'm taking baby steps, but that's the easiest way for me to do something like this. I have a lot of respect for vegetarians and vegans, but I know I could never really be one full time.

Over the weekend, I felt very productive. My basement has slowly over the course of the last year, become a giant mess. Rather than put things away where they belong, I've gotten into the habit of putting them wherever I happened to drop them. It only took a couple of hours (if that), but I got the basement back in some sort of order. I didn't do any purging or anything like that, but at least everything is organized. The purging will come soon. I guess what finally did it for me is Ken was frantically looking for his crock pot. He hasn't seen it since we moved into this house and he thought maybe it was still packed. When I went looking for it is when I realized a bomb went off in the basement. I can't get over how much bigger it looks now that it's organized. That also spurred me to work on the finished half of the basement, which is my office. I moved a few things around and it looks great. I'm not done yet, and I'm anxious to fiddle around a little more.

I haven't been to a concert in about a year. Last one was Jill Sobule. This Saturday, though, I'm leaving my house and heading out to see Aimee Mann. I've seen her probably six times in the past, but it's been a few years since the last time. I'm really excited.

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