Monday, Monday

I thought I got a really decent night of sleep last night.  I realized that even if I did, it didn't help once I got to work this morning.  It hit me in the face not long after arriving.  I was hit with a big wave of tired.  Not the way I wanted to start off my week, but I got through unscathed.  I want to hit the sack relatively early tonight.  Let's hope I don't get sucked into surfing Wikipedia page after Wikipedia page again tonight.

The last couple weeks my sciatic nerve has been acting up.  Not bad, but it's been reminding me it's there.  I was trying to figure out why it's acting up all of a sudden.  I wasn't really aware of doing anything to set it off.  Then I remembered vacation last month.  I was 190 lbs when I left for the cruise.  The night I got home, a week later, I was 204 or 205.  Over the course of the week I got home, I managed to drop back down to my pre-cruise weight and the next week I managed to get all the way down to 186.  The weight came off maybe a little too quickly and I'm sure that some of what I lost came from the area insulating the nerve.  Every time I've taken off just a little too much weight, that's where it's come from.  Luckily the nerve is almost completely back in hibernation (knock on wood) and is barely noticeable again.  Here's hoping it stays that way.

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