A Little Of This, A Little Of That

One weekend away is enough to derail my normal routines for days after.  I feel like I'm just finally getting back into the groove of my normal life again.  

My friend George turned 40 and Ken and I were invited to NYC for the weekend for his party.  And it was quite a shindig.  The party took place at a bar called the Landmark.  It was closed for the party on Friday night.  And the place was packed.  I had no idea George knew as many people as he did.  I was a little afraid that I wasn't going to know anyone there, but it turns out I knew a few people.  I knew George's sisters and a couple people from the cruise we were on last month showed up, too.  I don't normally drink, but since it was a special occasion, I threw caution to the wind.  I say I only had 7 or 8 beers, but Ken disagrees.  I don't know who is right nor do I care.  I got pretty hammered.  I have zero tolerance when it comes to alcohol anymore.  I paid a little bit on Saturday, but not too bad.  What I'm still paying for is all the eating I did over the weekend.  I managed to gain 7.5 lbs.  How I have no clue.  I'm down almost half that already and I'm hoping for a decent drop tomorrow.

Tonight at the gym I passed another milestone.  I'm now over 900 miles on towards my goal.  Seventy-five percent of the way.  I'm so fucking impressed with myself.

Ken managed to catch himself a nasty, nasty cold.  Our hosts were just getting over colds when we were in NYC, so it's likely he picked up a little something from them.  He's feeling so bad that he went to the doctor today.  He put him on meds and I hope it helps.  If there's anything worse than being sick, it's me having to deal with a sick Ken.  I am the world's worst nursemaid.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I suck at it.  And he demands being babied.  Kill me now!!!!!

I can't believe it's almost my birthday.  Next week.  Yikes.  I'm getting older and older and I don't like it.  Why can't I be 28 eternally?

I'm getting to the point where I need to do some major trimming of my social networking sites, Facebook especially.  I keep reading all this annoying shit being sputtered by people on my friends list and it just makes me want to delete the whole damn thing.  And I have a lot of people who I've friended to keep in touch with but we're in no more touch now than before we were FB friends.  Why bother?  It's springtime, it's time for a little bit of spring cleaning.

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