Today I did something I'd never done before.  I went cemetery hopping.  Ken and I got in the car this afternoon and searched out three cemeteries to do some research.  A few months ago, he signed up for ancestry.com to do some research on his (and my) family tree.  While learning the site and finding his way around, he found that you can sign up to do grave searches in your area for people also trying to find out their family histories.  The weather has finally shown signs of being agreeable, so this morning he printed off a list of people who are being searched out, the cemeteries they are believed to be buried in and directions to the cemeteries and off we went.  All told, we had a list of about 20 people to search for.  Most have been dead since the early 1800s.  We actually had some success in locating the headstones of about half the list.  A lot of them were extremely weather worn, but not enough that we couldn't identify them.  Ken took pictures to post at the website for the people searching.  It was much harder to read some of the headstones in the pictures than it was in person, so hopefully the information will be acceptable for the people looking for their ancestors.  

I'm really curious as to how people get the information that an ancestor who has been dead for over 200 years is buried in a specific cemetery.  Some of these cemeteries aren't much bigger than my yard.  But it was actually great fun and it was nice to get out of the house and do something different for a change.

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Hello Nessa said...

I have been on ancestry.com and actually am a volunteer to enter information into their date base. I did a batch of immigration records from the 30's. It was neat to see the documents. Some web sites that may help Ken :)



Both are free :)