About a year ago I kept seeing the same challenge pop up on multiple blogs I read.  That challenge was to take the artists you listen to most often off your iPod and go a month without them.  With those artists missing, you're more likely to uncover something you haven't heard in a long time.  I ignored that challenge, mostly because I was working my way through my entire iTunes library, making sure that I'd listened to each song in my library at least two times since uploading them all to iTunes.  I made it through that challenge many months ago and now I think it's time I take this one on.  According to last.fm, the fifteen artists I've listened to the most are as follows:

1) Dolly Parton
2) Tina Turner
3) Cher
4) Barbra Streisand
5) Elton John
6) Diana Ross
7) The Cure
8) Queen
9) The Rolling Stones
10) Spandau Ballet
11) Indigo Girls
12) ABC
13) Barry Manilow
14) Eurythmics
15) Prince

Most of these artists have substantial catalogs and that's why they're my most listened to artists.  

I just unchecked all fifteen artists and synced my iPod.  I've got an 80 gig model and just by unchecking those artists, I managed to free up 9.5 gigs of space.  I'm a little surprised those 15 artists took up that much space. 

Here's to a month (and a day) of listening to other stuff.

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