I have a couple of milestones to mention.  

Since today is the last day of April, it makes sense to give an update as to my progress on my 1,200 Miles In 2011 goal.  April was a banner month for me.  I clocked more miles this month than in any of the three previous months.  I beat out February by 20 miles.  Being on the cruise is the reason for that considering my OCD went into overdrive and forced me to the gym twice a day that week.  My total for the year so far is 832.03 miles.  At the current rate, I will be done in about eight weeks, with six months left!

I've been enjoying watching my progress on a map.  I just updated it to show the distance from my house.  I'm really impressed.  I'm most of the way through South Carolina and almost to Georgia.

The other milestone I wanted to mention was about my house.  On this date one year ago was the closing on this house.  I've owned this house now for one entire year.  I can't believe it's only been one year.  It seems like I've been here for a few at the very least.  My last house is a distant memory and one I don't care to revisit.  April 30 was a Friday last year.  May first, the Saturday that corresponds with today, was moving day.  I felt like I was in the way when the movers were bringing all of my worldly possessions in the house.  And when they were done, it didn't feel quite right.  We bought almost all new furniture that was yet to be delivered and once the movers were gone, there just didn't seem like there was enough stuff.  But more than enough work to do unpacking what stuff we did have.

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