Crap. I'm glad I'm not doing a post a day in July. I would have screwed that up royally. It's been three days since my last post. I'm slipping. Either that, or I've been both busy and crabby. Neither really lends itself to consistent blogging.

Monday was a longish day. Got to work and I was bombarded with things to do. This isn't a bad thing. In fact, this is a very good thing. I like having more to do than I can get done than the opposite. I'm not a good slacker. (Now don't get me wrong, I can slack with the best of them, but it gets old quickly.) Sometime after lunch, my friend Lynn called to let me know she wasn't going to be able to meet up with me that night. She, her gf and two of their friends were going to come to town to see Aimee Mann in concert. She was playing a free show in the park and I was going to go. I was a little bummed, but just a little bit happy, too. Happy because that meant I could stay and get some overtime in before the show. The park is just a ten minute walk from where I work, so I stayed until 6:30. Got there in time to catch the last couple songs of the opening act. I can't remember her name now. She was good, but not good enough to go buy her cd. There was to be a 30 minute intermission between acts, but five minutes into the intermission, it started to rain. It only rained for about 15 minutes, but that was enough to delay the show for a little more than an hour. It's okay, because it was a beautiful night, in spite of the short rain. And I was sitting underneath a big canopy of trees, so I barely got wet. Aimee came on a little after 8 and she was awesome. I think this is the 4th (or 5th... I can't remember) time seeing her and I think this is the best she's ever sounded. She did a lot of stuff from the new album, which unfortunately I don't know well enough to sing along with. Here's the set list I stole from another site:

stranger into starman
looking for nothing
the great beyond
save me
wise up
calling it quits
4th of july
you're with stupid now
little tornado
31 today
borrowing time
how am i different


today's the day

It's the first time I've seen her and she didn't do "The Other End (Of The Telescope)." That was my only gripe with the show. If you've never seen her, I urge you to do so. She's amazing live (well, except the last time I saw her. I thought she sounded way too nasally then, but just that one time....)

So Monday I just ran out of time to blog.

Tuesday was kind of a crappy day. I was easily annoyed and I hate when I'm like that. People just kept pissing me off and I'm not one to let go of things easily. But something amazing happened and whenever something got on my nerves, I would think back to it. A cow-orker of mine ended up being a toilet for a bird. Yup, she got shit upon. I'm giggling now just thinking about it. It's amazing what a little thing can do to turn your whole day around.

Today was just odd. I think I'm working slightly on autopilot. Really tired. But I'm happy to say I walked home from work tonight, which made me feel really good. The sciatica was taking the day off, I guess. This is a skip week for comics for me (I get them shipped to me the first and third Wednesdays of the month... This month ticks me off because I go three weeks between the last shipment and the next) and there was something I really wanted to read out, so I stopped by the shop and grabbed it. It was really good and I'm glad I stopped. That would be JSA Annual #1. Not as good as I had hoped it would be, but still awesome.

I know there was something else I wanted to say, but now I've forgotten it. Guess that leaves something for tomorrow...+

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Oh you got to see Aimee Mann! *jealous*