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To answer the replies I got about Last FM....

I don't know a lot about it. What I do know is it works similarly to the "What I'm Listening To" application that was available for a while on Facebook. You go to www.last.fm and download their software. You can sync it with whatever you use to play music. I have mine synced with iTunes. So every time I play a song with iTunes, it registers it. When I sync my iPod with my computer, it will register the songs played there, too. After the first week or so of doing this, you can create a widget like the one over to the right on this page. It will show what you're listening to right now, or the last things you listened to. I think it's kind of cool. What was also cool is that it looked at my iTunes and registered every song that I had previously played. The website updates your stats weekly (I believe). I went there today and discovered it has my Top Most Played Artists as well as Songs. I get into crap like this. My profile is located at: http://www.last.fm/user/pusspatrell/

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Lauren said...

i used to use Last FM at work, since thats where I listen to everything because I just sit there all day...anyway..that stopped when they began to regulate our bandwidth usage )= The feature I liked about it was the music feeds you could listen to, like streaming internet radio but it wasn't that, it was just like...you chose a category, for example: emo. Then it would grab a bunch of emo MP3s and play them for you. If you liked it, you clicked a check mark or something and it played more music that was similar to that artist. Its been a really long time since I've used Last FM, I wish I had a name for this "music playing feature thingie" but I do not!