Cranky Pants

I've got my cranky pants on today and I don't know why. It might be from lack of sleep. I've been staying up a little bit past my bedtime every night this week. It hurt to get out of bed this morning. It might have to do with the fact that I work with a few choice fuckheads and they've been draining the life out of me this week with their sheer ignorance and stupidity. It might have to do with what feels like the lack of control I have right now. It's not big, just slight, but enough to make me feel crazed. Whatever it is, though, that has me wearing my cranky pants has got to stop. I'm so cranky even I'm annoyed by it.

I haven't had a chance to really post here all week. Not intentional, it's just that time slipped away from me and by the time I could write something, I just didn't have it in me. Monday night I ended up talking to Eric on the Skype for a while. Ken and I are going to meet up with him and his bf on Saturday. I should be nervous as shit right now, but I'm not. I still have plenty of time to work up the nerves. I wish this is something I could have better control over. I'm so socially retarded sometimes. The nerves get the best of me and all that comes out of my mouth is ridiculousness. From what I'm told, it's not as moronic as I think it is, but I don't see it. When I realize what's coming out of my mouth, my nerves turn to horror and I shut down. Grrrr.. I'm going to do my best to be charming and outgoing and not a freak of nature. Wish me luck.

Tuesday night we recorded the show and by the time we were done, I needed to go to bed. I had such a throbbing headache. I climbed into bed and watched Hell's Kitchen. One more episode and it's all done. Thank God.

Since getting the new computer for Christmas, I've been working on uploading as much music to iTunes as I can. I've got just about everything uploaded finally and I'm now working on playing every song. My library currently has 35,543 songs. My uplayed song count as of today is 21,927 songs, but that includes Christmas songs. Taking those out of the mix, my unplayed song count is 19,768. Just this week I got it below 20,000. I made a playlist of just unplayed songs. It constantly refreshes itself when I sync the iPod to the computer. For most of last week, I sorted the playlist from largest file to smallest, though not necessarily longest song to shortest. Today I mixed it up and sorted from shortest in length to longest. I played over 200 2 minute songs today. It was kind of bizarre hearing all these short songs. Who knew Dolly Parton had so many songs that clocked in at 2 minutes? (Okay, I just checked. I heard 17 Dolly songs today.) This is fascinating, isn't it?

I guess that's all I have to say.


Ricky B said...


There is this application that I use on my computer that shows everyone what you are listening to. It is called last.fm. You should check it out. I think so far I have played 135,000 songs in about 1.5 years. Just keep your itunes on shuffle and it makes recommendations of who else you might like.

Southern Boy said...

uh, really? Nervous about meeting me? Puh-LEAZ don't be. The disappointment over the letdown once you do meet me might be more than you can bear. :-)

Were Mean Because Youre Stupid said...

It's podcaster meeting palooza this saturday! You will be fine Walt. Just be your charming self and you'll have a good time! Give Eric a squeeze for me. And by squeeze I mean HONK! ;)