Sunday Disruption

Today is definitely not panning out as it was supposed to. Far from it. Today was supposed to be quiet and relaxing with a nap and comics. Still haven't gotten to either and it's now too late to nap. Started when my friend Carol showed up. While she was here, Ken went upstairs and tried to install a new router. That took the other two computers offline and we spent the next two hours trying to get things going again. And Carol sat downstairs until we were done and demanded attention. She just left and like I said before, it's too late to take a nap. It's almost time to start dinner. I really think I deserve to take tomorrow off to make up for today.

Anyway, here are today's numbers:

1 - number of ruined afternoons today

2 - the number of times more I spent than usual at the supermarket today

103 - number of weeks since I started my diet

110 - number of pounds I've lost since dieting

301 - number of days since I've had a soda or any other carbonated beverage

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